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At E.S. Systems, Inc., we don't just pay lip service to providing IT solutions. We listen to your needs and concerns and work closely with you to provide effective IT solutions that you can use and that work within your business reality.

Our clients vary in size dramatically. Our smallest customers generally have a handful of employees with individual projects ranging from 10 to 40 man hours.
Our largest customers have several hundred employees with individual projects upwards of 2000 man hours.

Notably, they all have something in common: They all became our customer by way of "word-of-mouth" advertising and we have worked hard to earn their repeat business.

E.S. Systems serves many companies within a diverse set of industries.
We currently provide new software development, maintain pre-existing software, or provide technical support for projects in the following industries:

And you thought computer geeks weren't funny?

Publication from the Springfield Business Journal.
Profiles in Business December, 2006
Springfield, Missouri.

Next time you lock up after a long day of short tempers and irate customers, maybe you need to give yourself the following short quiz. (No, you don't have to study.)
Here it is: Do you often feel you're taking orders from your computer's business software?
Ahhh, yes. We thought so.
So, here's the answer, both to the quiz and to your problems: Call E.S. Systems Inc., a five-year old locally owned solution to the dreaded scenario of wondering who to call because you couldn't even understand the last computer geek.
We try to talk plain English.

E.S. Systems Inc. was founded by Robert de Wild, a Missouri State University graduate, happily married, with two great kids. Pretty normal, huh?
After college, he promptly went to work for someone else. Then he had a better idea. He started his own company. His loyal, savvy and knowledgeable customers sought him out.
"Virtually all our work still comes by word-ofmouth," says de Wild. "We don't have a sales staff, and we normally don't advertise. This allows us to keep our overhead down and to be very efficient and affordable. And isn't a great recommendation the best advertising anyway?"

You can even call clients such as Brown Derby, Drury University and Community Hospices of America. Clients range in size from small (mere millions in revenue) to medium (hundreds of millions). Says Adam Purkiss of Digital Angel Corp., a publicly traded Minnesota company: "E.S. Systems has demonstrated its commitment to quality and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I would recommend them to anyone."

"One of the most common projects we work on is software that integrates, or bridges, disparate software systems, " says Robert. "This can drastically reduce or eliminate double-data entry and data entry errors. These types of projects have an almost immediate return on investment as they're a huge time saver. Probably our biggest projects are those where we have practically replaced the IT department for a business. We provide all their development and technical support needs via phone and Internet. Above all, we are an IT outsourcing solution."

"E.S. Systems is also a reseller of printers and scanners for bar code labels and RFID tags for retail, commercial and manufacturing use." "The most common remark I hear is something like, "I had no idea that there was a company like yours in Springfield," "says Robert, who now has a staff of seven very smart employees.

Now you know. And yes, please do tell your friends. Through it all, we've tried to keep our sense of humor. Now, we'd like to help you find yours again.

So here's your next assignment: Call us and ask us if it can be done. Usually the answer is yes. You'll feel better. Maybe your employees will even nominate you for Boss of the Year. Even if you don't win, you can't lose.