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e_bullet Hermes (known as essiHRMS through version 1.9) is a Human Resource Management System. Hermes was created by E.S. Systems, Inc. (ESSI) located in Springfield, Missouri to fill a need by a hospice provider with national presence to manage their ever increasing paper work on nursing staff. Hermes provides for storing employee data records and important additional employee data such as available vacation and sick time, available benefits, or payrate history. Additionally, Hermes is a flexible time and attendance system. As a time and attendance system it allows for managing employee attendance via a PC based time clock or via wall-mountable time clocks to collect clock in and clock out events. As a time management system it allows for managing employee time spent on projects, tasks, or out of office visits.



e_bulletHermes was first installed as version 1.0 on September 24, 2000 at Community Hospices of America in Springfield, Missouri.


Hermes is now a scalable system that is currently in use to manage:


over 500 employees and their patient visit times for healthcare agencies located in more than 30 locations in some 10 states.
over 150 employees and their attendance records for a retail store chain with more than 12 locations.
project time for a professional services company that tracks time by multiple project codes for their clients.


e_bulletHermes is scalable. It can


operate as a stand alone software product on a single workstation.
operate in a client-server environment utilizing a central enterprise database server and multiple client work-stations.
operate to generate payroll data based on collected time entry records.
operate to generate detailed billing reports for customer billing.


e_bulletHermes is NOT a financial system. It has an interface to various systems that can be used to generate payroll entries.

Integrate with QuickBooks Financial Software to generate payroll entries and/or to generate invoices for customer billing purposes.
Export data for ADP Payroll Software.
Export data for Ceridian Payroll Software.


e_bulletHermes utilizes SQL Server 2000, MSDE, SQL Server 2005, or SQL Server Express as the back-end data storage. Hermes was originally built using VB6 but more and more modules are being replaced using the latest .NET technologies.


e_bulletAmong the many features that are included in the current version:

Manage employee records, images, emergency contacts, historical notes on performance reviews, reprimands, general discussions.
Manage medical benefits, date information such as hire date, termination date, and various expiration dates such as when a professional driver license expires.
Manage available vacation, personal time or sick time, and holidays. Including quick overviews of vacation /sick time accrued or taken.
Manage employee pay rates by location, department, job description or shift period. Including quick overviews of historical pay rates.
Manage multiple company locations, job descriptions and job titles.
Manage company holidays and company events.
Generate weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll entry reports.
Generate weekly, bi-weekly, or reports by date range for time entry reports for billing purposes.
Generate reports for cost reporting by job description or task code.
Generate summary reports to provide to an accountant for payroll purposes.
Collect employee time by task code and total time spent.
Collect employee time by task code and start and stop time.
Collect employee time by employee clock in and clock out events.


e_bulletStrengths and Limitations:

Flexible to configure various task codes that allow for a multitude of ways to collect time and consequently provide cost reporting.
Flexible to configure job descriptions and pay rates to generate payroll entries.
Intuitive and easy to use user interface to get to the employee information you need quickly.
Intuitive and easy to configure security user groups to prevent access to sensitive employee information.
Scalable to use for one company location or multiple company locations.
Implemented via standards and an open architecture to facilitate integration with third party applications.
Works with stand alone time clock modules for point of need data collection.
Validate employee clock in and clock out events by password entry, MSR badge, proximity reader, or biometric features to reduce buddy punching.
Easily generate reports that can be used by an accountant to produce payroll.
Hermes is not a financial system. Therefore you must have a third party application or accounting office generate payroll documents.


e_bulletNew features currently in development:

A more flexible system to record historical notes on employees.
A more flexible way to manage company events.
A more flexible way to manage employee reimbursements.
An employee and asset scheduling module.
An add-on module to the time clock to manage access control.
An add-on module to the time clock to capture an image via an embedded camera during exception entries. For instance, someone forgets their badge and uses a password to clock in. The system will capture an image to store with the exception so that management can validate the person entering the code.